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Inspections Checklist

Home Inspection Checklist Items

At Mountains To Sea Inspections we have 100’s of items on our home inspections checklist that we inspect for during the course of an inspection. The only limitation to our home inspections is that we can only inspect what is visible. State regulations will not allow us to deconstruct any part of a structure and we can not move personal property such as furniture, area rugs, personal belongings, etc. The listed items below cover that major items that are inspected for, but keep in mind that this is not an inclusive list.

Electrical Inspection

Fire Departments in the USA are called to more than 47,000 home fires every year caused by malfunctioning electrical equipment. At Mountains To Sea Inspections, we will find these potential dangers and will suggest fixes. As a standard of practice, we will assess the power meter box/service entrance, branch circuit conductors, grounding equipment, electrical switches and outlets, switches and other common problem areas. You can rest at night knowing that your next home's electrical system is working properly.

Structural Inspection

At Mountains to Sea Inspections, we encounter such varied terrain touring the course of our inspections. Due to this variation, we see many many different styles of foundations and building materials. Construction materials such as, Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), Concrete Masonry Unit (Block), Superior Walls, Cast In Place Concrete, we see it all. When performing your home inspection, our home inspectors will identify any areas of concern. A home is only as good as its foundation, Let Mountains To Sea Inspections help determine if your home's foundation is up to snuff.

Proper Appliance Operation

You've just moved into your new home. You unpack your dishes and place them in the dishwasher to help knock the dust off them. You go on about your chores and do not notice the water starting to come out of the cabinet under your sink. What to do now? During your home inspection, our home inspectors will test for the proper operation of all your appliances and include it in our digital HomeGauge Report.

HVAC System Inspection

As part of a Mountains To Sea Inspections' home inspection we will operate the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems. We will make sure that the HVAC system is heating and cooling to within the manufacture's specifications. There are certain conditions that may exist during the home inspection that may prevent the testing of either the heating or cooling system. Such limitations could include, but may not be exclusive to, lack gas, unsafe venting, damaged equipment, etc... A well tuned HVAC system will operate longer and for less money.

Inspect Roof Coverings

What causes more damage to single family homes in the US than anything else? Water... All water related damage accounts for nearly 30% of all total insurance claims. With a MTS Inspections home inspection, we will visually inspect your home's roof covering for existing or the presence of past water intrusions into your home. At Mountains To Sea Inspections, our reports will also give you an idea of the relative condition of the roof covering, vent boots and other penetrations that could cause problems.

Grading & Vegetation

Many foundation issues such as water penetration, vertical or horizontal cracking of masonry block walls, and many times settlement can be attributed to improper grading around the structure. A home that is properly finished graded will allow for any storm water that is deposited on the ground to run away from the home's foundation. However, many homes that we inspect in Asheville do not have positive drainage, instead they have negative drainage. Negative drainage will allow for water to collect at the home's foundation and can be a contributing factor to many of the structural issues we encounter in homes we inspect.